Maserati - Maserati Sebring

While the popular 3500GT model was in production, Maserati decided to build a 2+2 model and this was the Maserati Sebring, or Maserati 3500GTiS , first shown in 1962 and finalised in 1963. The Maserati Sebring had the same 6 cylinder 3485cc Alfieri engine but all Sebring engines were fuel injected as standard, as had been the later 3500GT's. The car was the work of Alfredo Vignale who had been responsible for the earlier 3500GT Spyder, and it was this same shorter 3500GT chassis that was used as the basis for his 2+2 design. Like his earlier Spyder the bodywork was in steel will alloy bonnet and boot lids.

Originally the engine was the same 3485cc for the Sebring but for 1964 a larger 3.7 litre (3694cc) was now the standard engine size. For 1965 the Maserati 4000GTiS (S for Sebring) the car was given a 4 litre engine (4014cc) and a revised update with so many changes yet still recogniseable as a Sebring, with vertical rear lights, slightly altered grille, bumper and lamps. This was the last fling of the straight 6 Alfieri designed engine. Production of the Sebring carried on until 1967.

Tyre size for teh Maserati Sebring. Earlier Sebring models using 16" wheels used 185VR16 tyres. The later cars on 15" wheels had the 205R15 size but when a later lower profile better handling 215/70VR15 tyre size was available, it became many owners preference.

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