Mazda - Mazda RX3

The earlier Mazda Savanna models were built from 1971. Although the Savanna name was used , when these cars were exported from Japan they were called the Mazda RX3. The RX3 came about by fitting the rotary engine into their Mazda Grand Familia model, to make a new range of Mazda Savanna cars (2 door, 4 door and one with a tailgate). A more powerful engine was put in the GT model made from 1972, after which the "12A" rotary was used in all Savanna models. For 1978 the cars became the RX7.

Tyre size for the RX3 /Savanna originally started at 6.15x13 . The radial tyre size equivalent for this is 165R13 and depending on the model went up to 195/70R13. Our Blockley range of high speed rated 165HR13 and 185/70VR13 covers all these Savanna types - see tyre details below:.

Blockley Products for Mazda Mazda RX3


Blockley Radial

£99.00 (£118.80 inc. VAT)

155/165x13 Thickened Inner Tube

Blockley Thickened Inner Tube

£12.00 (£14.40 inc. VAT)



£83.00 (£99.60 inc. VAT)