Mazda formed a relationship with the NSU company who were using Wankel rotary patents to manufacture the new Rotary type engine for commercial use. Mazda completed their first example, the Cosmo Sport, even before NSU had finalised their rotary engine. The advantage of the rotary type engine is that it offers great power output for a minimal weight, but the downside is an increase in fuel consumption. The 1973 fuel crisis severly impacted on Mazda, but they were able to rely on selling their smaller piston engined models (Familia and Capella models) to keep the company going. The Mazda MX5 continued in production as a piston engined car, but their huge investment in research and developpment for the Rotary engine led Mazda to return in 1978 with a more efficient Mazda RX-7, and later RX-8 models.

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Blockley Radial

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