Mini - Mini Cooper S

While the 997 cc Mini Cooper was on offer from Austin, starting in 1961, the Cooper S was introduced in 1963, or more correctly the Austin Mini Cooper "S". The Cooper S from 1963 saw the introduction of disc brake front wheels, close ratio gearbox, and twin carburetors fitted to the biggest engine yet. This Cooper S had a bore of 70.64 mm with the standard original Mini crank stroke of 68.26mm giving the engine a 1071cc capacity. This Cooper S 1071 lasted into 1964 after which the Mini Cooper S became available in two variations, the shorter stroked Cooper S 970, and the longest stroke Cooper S 1275 which had the crankshaft stroke from the earlier original Mini Cooper. This Mini CooperS1275 stayed in production until 1969. The reason for having the 2 engine capacity options was to make the Mini CooperS eligible for the two different classes when used for competition. And these two models, Cooper S 970 and Cooper S 1275, also had larger disc brakes fitted.

All Mini Cooper and Cooper S models (1963 to 1971) were originally fitted with the 145R10 equivalent size. Note that the Cooper S was fitted with a wider 4.5" wheel rim (as opposed the the 3.5" wheel). Any Mini owners requiring the wider tyre have the 165/70R10 tyre option.

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