Saab were Swedish aircraft manufacturers and when World War 2 concluded, in order to retain their skilled workforce they branched out into making cars, much as other aircraft manufactures like Bristol, Messerschmitt and Heinkel did.  These Saab had 2 stroke transverse mounted engines with front wheel drive. The first of the production was the Saab 92, which was continually evolved with the addition of an external boot opening. The Saab 93 introduced in 1955 had a 3 cylinder engine but still a 2 stroke conventionally mounted, and by the time the 2 stroke engine wasreplaced, Saab outsourced the Ford Taunus engine used in the new the Saab 96 , which now had more than double the horsepower. The Saab 99 of 1968 was all new, using the overhead cam Triumph engined, which was in production up to 1984.

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15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

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