Triumph - Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6 was an updated TR5 available from 1968 with the front and rear of the bodywork reworked and updated by the German coachbuilding company Karmann. Like its predecessor, it was powered by the fuel injected six cylinder engine, but when you consider that almost 90% of all the TR6 production was exported direct to the USA, that means most TR6 had the USA specification TR250 carburettor engine, to comply with the stricter USA emissions rules. This resulted in the USA specification TR6 producing about 40bhp less than the cars built for the home and European markets. Having said that, the TR6 model was Triumphs best selling sports car up to that time. Production of the Triumph TR6 continued to mid way through 1976.

Triumph TR6 tyre size was 165R15 from the factory and Blockley produces this high speed rated period correct 165VR15 tyre size, with steel belt construction. For those wanting a wider version of this tyre tyre size we also produce the 185/70VR15 , which is in effect a wider tyre with the same diameter as a 165R15 so it has the same sidewall height, and this is what many people fit now. However please note that for the USA delivered TR6 the tyres fitted by the factory were the larger diameter (ie 80 profile) 185R15 size (also referred to these days as 185/80R15) and Blockley produces this 185VR15 size also. The TR6 had a 5 1/2J wheel width so all three tyre sizes (ie smaller diameter European specification TR6 and the USA deliverd cars) will fit this wheel rim. We guarantee that these Blockley tyres will greatly improve the handling of these Triumphs - see full details of these period correct high speed rated superb tyre sizes below. We have noticed many people ill advisedly fitting a fatter but lower 60 profile tyre, but we would recommend sticking with the original fitment sizes.

Blockley Products for Triumph Triumph TR6


Blockley Radial

£122.00 (£146.40 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£155.00 (£186.00 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£164.00 (£196.80 inc. VAT)

15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)

Set of 4 165VR15

Blockley Radials

£488.00 (£585.60 inc. VAT)