Datsun - Datsun Bluebird

The Bluebird name was first used on the 1.2 litre Datsun 310 of 1960, which evolved into the 311 and by 1962 the 312 model. For 1964 the Bluebird was modernised with the 410 series with bodywork designed by Pininfarina, which led to the 412 model by 1964. The next Bluebird was the 510 series introduced in 1967 with a new shape body either as a 2 or 4 door, with 1.3 or 1.6 litre engines. The next Datsun Bluebird was the 610 series introduced in 1971 with engine capacities ranging from 1595cc to 1998 cc. These were replaced in 1976 the new model Datsun Bluebird 810 which were built to the end of 1979. The Nissan Bluebird 910 was the final rear wheel drive Bluebird, with an upto date European looking clean cut bodywork.

Tyre sizes for Datsun Bluebird models:

- Datsun Bluebird 510 (built 1967 to 1972) originally had 5.60x13 tyres which is equivalent to radial 165R13 tyre size.

- Datsun Bluebird 610 (built 1971 to 1977) - a few 610's still used the 13" tyre size (165R13), but the majority of the Bluebird 610 was fitted with the 165R14 tyre size.

- Datsun Bluebird 810 (built 1976 to 1979) had a choice of 2 tyre sizes originally - the tyre sizes 165R13 or 165R14, depending on whether the Bluebird 810 came with 13 inch or 14 inch diameter wheels.

- Datsun Bluebird 910 (built 1979 to 1983) was fitted with wider 185/70R14 tyre size.

Blockley produces all of the Datsun Bluebird tyre sizes as supplied from the showroom, with steel belted high quality period correct tread tyres, with good speed rating and load rates. See full details of all these Datsun Bluebird tyre sizes below:

Blockley Products for Datsun Datsun Bluebird


Blockley Radial

£78.00 (£93.60 inc. VAT)

13/14 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£98.00 (£117.60 inc. VAT)

155/165x13 Thickened Inner Tube

Blockley Thickened Inner Tube

£12.00 (£14.40 inc. VAT)

175/185x14 Standard Inner Tube

Blockley Standard Inner Tube

£10.00 (£12.00 inc. VAT)



£83.00 (£99.60 inc. VAT)