Porsche - Porsche 911

A new generation of Porsche came about for 1963, replacing the 356 model which so many were sorry to see come to an end. The 356 engine, based on the early VW crankcase really had come to the end of what development Porsche could do with it, so the 911 started with a new 6 cylinder 2 litre boxer, put in what was designed to be more practical spacious car, the bodywork being to the design of Ferry Porsches eldest son "Butzi". For 1966 a more powerful (but still 2 litre) 911S was introduced, with an option of Fuchs alloy wheels over the pressed steel wheels with dust cap. For 1967 the "Targa" bodywork was introduced. 1967 also saw the introduction of the 110bhp 911T with the more powerful 130bhp 911L which now had ventilated front brake discs.

The 2 litre engine had been developed with magnesium crankcase, titanium conrods, twin plugs and huge development to produce some 210bhp for use in the 906, used also in a short run of 911R. For 1968 the 911L was replaced with the fuel injected 911E.

1969 saw the wheelbases on all 911 and 912's lengthen to try and improve the handling. The engines were increased to 2.2 litre and fuel injection was also now on the 911S and 911E's. By 1972 the cars were now "2.4" and as the power was being extracted from the engines more efficiently a stronger gearbox was used, eliminating the earlier "dog leg" first on the gear lever and there were bodywork tweaks with a front spoiler. The 2.7 capacity was first seen in 1974, and for 1976 the 3 litre Carrera 3 had arrived, which had the engine from the 930 Turbo, but without the turbo. The 930 Turbo models were made between 1975 and 1977 to evolve into the 3.3 litre model (1978 to 1979).

At the same time as the 3.3 Turbo was introduced in 1978 so was the next evolution of the non turbo model, the 3 litre 911SC (S for Super and C for Carrera), the power eventually getting to over 200bhp. Around this era was when the new model 928 was supposed to take over from the redundant 911, but as things luckily turned out, the decision to keep the 911 line going was taken with the next model Carrera 3.2 in 1984.

Porsche 911 tyre sizes :

- All early Porsche 911 were fitted with tyre size 165VR15

- 911 cars from 1968 to 1973 were fitted with tyre size 185/70VR15

- Some 911 cars which were fitted with the 14" wheel option were fitted with tyre size 185VR14

Blockley produces all these sizes with the guarantee that if they are not the best tyres you've ever driven on we will refund.

-  Note Blockley has supplied many tyres in sizes 205/70VR15 and 215/70VR15 to Porsche owners for fitting on the rear . . .

Blockey Products for Porsche Porsche 911


Blockley Radial

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Blockley Radial

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15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

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13/14 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

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Blockley Radial

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Set of 4 165VR15

Blockley Radials

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