Armstrong Siddeley

Started in 1919 as a joining of Armstrong - Whitworth with Siddeley - Deasey, they started up in 1919 with a new Luxury 5 litre model that ran until 1932, while they later built a smaller model also. By 1932 the new 20 hp model appeared. Post war they built entirely new cars, rather than pick up with what they had made before, with a new 16hp gradually bored out with models Typhoon (coupe), Hurricane ( a convertible 2 door) and Tempest. In 1953 came a new model called the Sapphire of almost 3.5 litres with various transmission types (Synchromesh, preselector and a hydramatic type automatic), the engine went to 4 litres. These cars were super high quality and expensive, competing on price with Rolls Royce in the case of their Star Sapphire. Production finally ceased in 1960 when parent company Hawker Siddeley merged with Bristol Aviation. An Armstrong Siddeley engine was fitted into a Bristol chassis at Filton, but after evaluation the hoped for car was not proceeded with. One of these Armstrong Siddeley engines powered the Allard JR special that won a race at Goodwood. . . 

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Armstron Siddeley Sapphire

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Blockley Radial

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Blockley Radial

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