Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward (1890 to 1963) had made a hugely successful 3 wheeler van in 1924 which sold well, including to the German post office. By 1929 he took over the established Hansa Lloyd company, redesigning his 3 wheeler and then going on to designing his Hansa Konsul and Hansa Borgward cars into the 1940's. Post war he exhibited the car bearing his own name Borgward at the Geneva show in 1949. This model was the Hansa, a 1500cc car that was modern in looks with enclosed wheels, the first German car with American styling. Some say the American shapes he employed were influenced by his reading American magazines while interned by teh Americans post war! These Borgward cars were developed into larger engined cars, all of good quality. The best selling was the Borgward Isabella. Borgward died a couple of years after when his company was put into liquidation in 1961 when creditors forced payments and the banks didn't help. But Borgward always insisted his company was not in difficulties, with just normal cash flow issues. And it would appear later that he was corret when there was a large surplus after even the accountants had finished the winding up.

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