Honda Motor Company sold it's first 2 stroke motorcycle in late 1949, and in the 1950's were world champions, as well as the largest manufacturer of motorcycles. The first Honda car was available in 1963. It's 360cc twin cam 4 cylinder with individual carburettors in an all independent chassis was built for the Japanese market to take advantage of the low road tax. Later a 500cc version gave 40bhp and customers could chose from a 4 or 5 speed gearbox. Honda then built their V12 F1 cars with transverse engines winning the 1965 Meican GP, leading from start to finish. Their Formula 1 involvement was to gain knowlege so the Honda passenger cars could be improved. The Honda S600 and S800 were followed by the N360 and N600, the latter being intended for export, but it was too ahead of its time. By 1968 there was a more conventional offering with the front wheel drive Honda 1300 (100bhp at 7,200rpm) and they offered a sportier model (110bhp at 7,500) but these again were more for home consumption. However the Honda Civic of 1972 was a huge success around the world.

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