Radial Quality Guarantee

The Blockley Tyre Co came in to being to design and manufactures tyres and associated parts for a very different reason to how things were being done elsewhere . The purpose of Blockley is to produce the very best tyres that is possible to make, because what was available was of low standard, irrespective of the brand name and how expensive they were sold for! And when Blockley started making radial tyres we were taken seriously enough for the Dunlop tyre to get V rated over the H rating they were, and so on. Note that the low selling price of these radial Blockley tyres is because we have not increased a tyre price in 20 years, coupled with selling direct to the end user, and thus avoiding the price hikes of the various "Classic" tyre wholesalers. So do not worry about what would appear our low prices - we produce tyres for very different reasons to all other producers who have profit at their core, whereas we make our products because we are also end users of what we make, so we want things as good as it can be.  Ask yourselves why a private individual needed to do this if what was available was adequate. One well known brand even has a faulty sidewall in their range, even to this day! The Blockley radial range of tyres are an exceptional product, where every tyre is checked for balance and roundness and marked up for the tyre fitter to position optimally on a wheel, again something that others do not bother doing due to the extra effort and cost.

Our purpose at Blockley is to produce the very best product that it is possible to make, with no shortcuts or cost savings in either our tooling, production or attention to detail. A no compromise product. If this was not the case, there would be absolutely no point in producing the Blockley range of steel belted radial tyres.

We suggest customers scrub their tyres in, in order to remove any mold release agent from the surface - something any motorcyclist you meet would know all about! And car tyres are no different. Even new car manuals suggest this, along with bedding in brakes and engines. This process can occur quickly, however we would suggest anything up to 100km, which is what many owners manuals recommend.

After scrubbing in you can really take advantage of the exceptional grip and overall handling of these superb authentic looking tyres in both wet and dry. So much so that after say driving for circa 1,000 miles, if you are not convinced the Blockley is best tyres you've ever driven on, you can return them and we will refund the purchase price of your tyres. Anyone who has actually driven on any of the Blockley radial tyres range has been surprised how good they are. Ride quality, improved handling, grip in the wet and lighter steering, as well as the cars looking so much better. Many even use them for track days over the Avon CR6Z, and Rallies which have been won on Blockleys. But best to find out direct for yourselves! The Classic Tyre wholesaler experts will always degenerate Blockley products, because they are not allowed to sell them, and they can be very persuasive. Try the Blockleys and if not convinced of of claims we make then we would have them back - but so far people have only been impressed. And when you are impressed we'd ask you to tell a friend.

The only thing that surprises us at Blockley is why anyone would want to buy anything else! Unless they do not know about Blockley, which is likely because we concentrate our effort and expenditure on our products rather than the marketing, which seems such a waste of time! But marketing for the big companies is probably more important than the product itself. The reason for making our tyres is because we are end users of them ourselves also, and we also make unusual sizes of tyres and tubes which we'll never break even on. Had there been anything else of wholesome quality there would be no need to produce the Blockley range. The Blockley radial tyres are also listed on the RAC MSA List 1A (now Motorsprts UK List 1A) and are used on rallies, hill climbs and so on. A car using our road going radial Blockley has won the RAC Rally of the Tests and the Pirelli Challenge. We are confident that no one experiencing a Blockley radial tyre would ever want to use anything else.